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Extracting Data from Files


A tool for searching binary files for embedded hidden files and data. It's installed via apt and its source is available on GitHub.

binwalk file # Displays the embedded data
binwalk -e file # Extracts the data
binwalk --dd ".*" file # Extracts all data


Recovers files based on their headers and footers, useful for png images. Installed via apt with its source on GitHub.

foremost -i file # Extracts data


Helps to view file metadata, available here.

exiftool file # Shows the metadata


Similar to exiftool, for metadata viewing. Installable via apt, source on GitHub, and has an official website.

exiv2 file # Shows the metadata


Identify the type of file you're dealing with.


Extracts readable strings from files, using various encoding settings to filter the output.

strings -n 6 file # Extracts strings with a minimum length of 6
strings -n 6 file | head -n 20 # First 20 strings
strings -n 6 file | tail -n 20 # Last 20 strings
strings -e s -n 6 file # 7bit strings
strings -e S -n 6 file # 8bit strings
strings -e l -n 6 file # 16bit strings (little-endian)
strings -e b -n 6 file # 16bit strings (big-endian)
strings -e L -n 6 file # 32bit strings (little-endian)
strings -e B -n 6 file # 32bit strings (big-endian)

Comparison (cmp)

Useful for comparing a modified file with its original version found online.

cmp original.jpg stego.jpg -b -l

Extracting Hidden Data in Text

Hidden Data in Spaces

Invisible characters in seemingly empty spaces may hide information. To extract this data, visit

Extracting Data from Images

Identifying Image Details with GraphicMagick

GraphicMagick serves to determine image file types and identify potential corruption. Execute the command below to inspect an image:

./magick identify -verbose stego.jpg

To attempt repair on a damaged image, adding a metadata comment might help:

./magick mogrify -set comment 'Extraneous bytes removed' stego.jpg

Steghide for Data Concealment

Steghide facilitates hiding data within JPEG, BMP, WAV, and AU files, capable of embedding and extracting encrypted data. Installation is straightforward using apt, and its source code is available on GitHub.


  • steghide info file reveals if a file contains hidden data.

  • steghide extract -sf file [--passphrase password] extracts the hidden data, password optional.

For web-based extraction, visit this website.

Bruteforce Attack with Stegcracker:

  • To attempt password cracking on Steghide, use stegcracker as follows:

stegcracker <file> [<wordlist>]

zsteg for PNG and BMP Files

zsteg specializes in uncovering hidden data in PNG and BMP files. Installation is done via gem install zsteg, with its source on GitHub.


  • zsteg -a file applies all detection methods on a file.

  • zsteg -E file specifies a payload for data extraction.

StegoVeritas and Stegsolve

stegoVeritas checks metadata, performs image transformations, and applies LSB brute forcing among other features. Use -h for a full list of options and stego.jpg to execute all checks.

Stegsolve applies various color filters to reveal hidden texts or messages within images. It's available on GitHub.

FFT for Hidden Content Detection

Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) techniques can unveil concealed content in images. Useful resources include:

Stegpy for Audio and Image Files

Stegpy allows embedding information into image and audio files, supporting formats like PNG, BMP, GIF, WebP, and WAV. It's available on GitHub.

Pngcheck for PNG File Analysis

To analyze PNG files or to validate their authenticity, use:

apt-get install pngcheck
pngcheck stego.png

Additional Tools for Image Analysis

For further exploration, consider visiting:

Extracting Data from Audios

Audio steganography offers a unique method to conceal information within sound files. Different tools are utilized for embedding or retrieving hidden content.

Steghide (JPEG, BMP, WAV, AU)

Steghide is a versatile tool designed for hiding data in JPEG, BMP, WAV, and AU files. Detailed instructions are provided in the stego tricks documentation.

Stegpy (PNG, BMP, GIF, WebP, WAV)

This tool is compatible with a variety of formats including PNG, BMP, GIF, WebP, and WAV. For more information, refer to Stegpy's section.


ffmpeg is crucial for assessing the integrity of audio files, highlighting detailed information and pinpointing any discrepancies.

ffmpeg -v info -i stego.mp3 -f null -

WavSteg (WAV)

WavSteg excels in concealing and extracting data within WAV files using the least significant bit strategy. It is accessible on GitHub. Commands include:

python3 -r -b 1 -s soundfile -o outputfile

python3 -r -b 2 -s soundfile -o outputfile


Deepsound allows for the encryption and detection of information within sound files using AES-256. It can be downloaded from the official page.

Sonic Visualizer

An invaluable tool for visual and analytical inspection of audio files, Sonic Visualizer can unveil hidden elements undetectable by other means. Visit the official website for more.

DTMF Tones - Dial Tones

Detecting DTMF tones in audio files can be achieved through online tools such as this DTMF detector and DialABC.

Other Techniques

Binary Length SQRT - QR Code

Binary data that squares to a whole number might represent a QR code. Use this snippet to check:

import math
math.sqrt(2500) #50

For binary to image conversion, check dcode. To read QR codes, use this online barcode reader.

Braille Translation

For translating Braille, the Branah Braille Translator is an excellent resource.


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