Basic Forensic Methodology

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Creating and Mounting an Image

pageImage Acquisition & Mount

Malware Analysis

This isn't necessary the first step to perform once you have the image. But you can use this malware analysis techniques independently if you have a file, a file-system image, memory image, pcap... so it's good to keep these actions in mind:

pageMalware Analysis

Inspecting an Image

if you are given a forensic image of a device you can start analyzing the partitions, file-system used and recovering potentially interesting files (even deleted ones). Learn how in:

pagePartitions/File Systems/Carving

Depending on the used OSs and even platform different interesting artifacts should be searched:

pageWindows ArtifactspageLinux ForensicspageDocker Forensics

Deep inspection of specific file-types and Software

If you have very suspicious file, then depending on the file-type and software that created it several tricks may be useful. Read the following page to learn some interesting tricks:

pageSpecific Software/File-Type Tricks

I want to do a special mention to the page:

pageBrowser Artifacts

Memory Dump Inspection

pageMemory dump analysis

Pcap Inspection

pagePcap Inspection

Anti-Forensic Techniques

Keep in mind the possible use of anti-forensic techniques:

pageAnti-Forensic Techniques

Threat Hunting

pageBaseline Monitoring
Learn AWS hacking from zero to hero with htARTE (HackTricks AWS Red Team Expert)!

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