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macOS Apple Scripts

Apple Scripts

It's a scripting language used for task automation interacting with remote processes. It makes pretty easy to ask other processes to perform some actions. Malware may abuse these features to abuse functions exported by other processes. For example, a malware could inject arbitrary JS code in browser opened pages. Or auto click some allow permissions requested to the user;
tell window 1 of process "SecurityAgent"
click button "Always Allow" of group 1
end tell
Here you have some examples: https://github.com/abbeycode/AppleScripts Find more info about malware using applescripts here.
Apple scripts may be easily "compiled". These versions can be easily "decompiled" with osadecompile
However, this scripts can also be exported as "Read only" (via the "Export..." option):
file mal.scpt
mal.scpt: AppleScript compiled
and tin this case the content cannot be decompiled even with osadecompile
However, there are still some tools that can be used to understand this kind of executables, read this research for more info). The tool applescript-disassembler with aevt_decompile will be very useful to understand how the script works.