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Basic Information

Xamarin is an open-source platform designed for developers to build apps for iOS, Android, and Windows using the .NET and C# frameworks. This platform offers access to numerous tools and extensions to create modern applications efficiently.

Xamarin's Architecture

  • For Android, Xamarin integrates with Android and Java namespaces through .NET bindings, operating within the Mono execution environment alongside the Android Runtime (ART). Managed Callable Wrappers (MCW) and Android Callable Wrappers (ACW) facilitate communication between Mono and ART, both of which are built on the Linux kernel.

  • For iOS, applications run under the Mono runtime, utilizing full Ahead of Time (AOT) compilation to convert C# .NET code into ARM assembly language. This process runs alongside the Objective-C Runtime on a UNIX-like kernel.

.NET Runtime and Mono Framework

The .NET framework includes assemblies, classes, and namespaces for application development, with the .NET Runtime managing code execution. It offers platform independence and backward compatibility. The Mono Framework is an open-source version of the .NET framework, initiated in 2005 to extend .NET to Linux, now supported by Microsoft and led by Xamarin.

Reverse Engineering Xamarin Apps

Decompilation of Xamarin Assemblies

Decompilation transforms compiled code back into source code. In Windows, the Modules window in Visual Studio can identify modules for decompilation, allowing for direct access to third-party code and extraction of source code for analysis.

JIT vs AOT Compilation

  • Android supports Just-In-Time (JIT) and Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compilation, with a Hybrid AOT mode for optimal execution speed. Full AOT is exclusive to Enterprise licenses.

  • iOS solely employs AOT compilation due to Apple's restrictions on dynamic code execution.

Extracting dll Files from APK/IPA

To access the assemblies in an APK/IPA, unzip the file and explore the assemblies directory. For Android, tools like XamAsmUnZ and xamarin-decompress can uncompress dll files.

python3 xamarin-decompress.py -o /path/to/decompressed/apk

For assembly blobs in Android, pyxamstore can unpack them.

pyxamstore unpack -d /path/to/decompressed/apk/assemblies/

iOS dll files are readily accessible for decompilation, revealing significant portions of the application code, which often shares a common base across different platforms.

Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic analysis involves checking for SSL pinning and using tools like Fridax for runtime modifications of the .NET binary in Xamarin apps. Frida scripts are available to bypass root detection or SSL pinning, enhancing analysis capabilities.

Other interesting Frida scripts:

Further information

Learn AWS hacking from zero to hero with htARTE (HackTricks AWS Red Team Expert)!

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