9100 - Pentesting Raw Printing (JetDirect, AppSocket, PDL-datastream)

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Basic Information

From here: Raw printing is what we define as the process of making a connection to port 9100/tcp of a network printer. It is the default method used by CUPS and the Windows printing architecture to communicate with network printers as it is considered as ‘the simplest, fastest, and generally the most reliable network protocol used for printers’. Raw port 9100 printing, also referred to as JetDirect, AppSocket or PDL-datastream actually is not a printing protocol by itself. Instead all data sent is directly processed by the printing device, just like a parallel connection over TCP. In contrast to LPD, IPP and SMB, this can send direct feedback to the client, including status and error messages. Such a bidirectional channel gives us direct access to results of PJL, PostScript or PCL commands. Therefore raw port 9100 printing – which is supported by almost any network printer – is used as the channel for security analysis with PRET and PFT.

If you want to learn more about hacking printers read this page.

Default port: 9100

9100/tcp open  jetdirect



nc -vn <IP> 9100
@PJL INFO ID          # ID (Brand an version): Brother HL-L2360D series:84U-F75:Ver.b.26
@PJL INFO PRODINFO    #Product info
@PJL FSDIRLIST NAME="0:\" ENTRY=1 COUNT=65535  #List dir
@PJL INFO VARIABLES   #Env variales
@PJL INFO TIMEOUT     #Timeout variables
@PJL RDYMSG           #Ready message
@PJL FSUPLOAD         #Useful to upload a file
@PJL FSDOWNLOAD       #Useful to download a file
@PJL FSDELETE         #Useful to delete a file


nmap -sV --script pjl-ready-message -p <PORT> <IP>
msf> use auxiliary/scanner/printer/printer_env_vars
msf> use auxiliary/scanner/printer/printer_list_dir
msf> use auxiliary/scanner/printer/printer_list_volumes
msf> use auxiliary/scanner/printer/printer_ready_message
msf> use auxiliary/scanner/printer/printer_version_info
msf> use auxiliary/scanner/printer/printer_download_file
msf> use auxiliary/scanner/printer/printer_upload_file
msf> use auxiliary/scanner/printer/printer_delete_file

Printers Hacking tool

This is the tool you want to use to abuse printers:


  • pjl port:9100

Learn AWS hacking from zero to hero with htARTE (HackTricks AWS Red Team Expert)!

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