FTP Bounce attack - Scan

FTP Bounce - Scanning


  1. 1.
    Connect to vulnerable FTP
  2. 2.
    Use **PORT**or EPRT(but only 1 of them) to make it establish a connection with the <IP:Port> you want to scan:
    PORT 172,32,80,80,0,8080 EPRT |2||8080|
  3. 3.
    Use LIST(this will just send to the connected <IP:Port> the list of current files in the FTP folder) and check for the possible responses: 150 File status okay (This means the port is open) or 425 No connection established (This means the port is closed)
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      Instead of LIST you could also use RETR /file/in/ftp and look for similar Open/Close responses.
Example Using PORT (port 8080 of is open and port 7777 is closed):
Same example using EPRT(authentication omitted in the image):
Open port using EPRT instead of LIST (different env)


nmap -b <name>:<pass>@<ftp_server> <victim>
nmap -Pn -v -p 21,80 -b ftp:[email protected] #Scan ports 21,80 of the FTP
nmap -v -p 21,22,445,80,443 -b ftp:[email protected] #Scan the internal network (of the FTP) ports 21,22,445,80,443