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Captcha Bypass
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Captcha Bypass

To automate the testing of some functions of the server that allows user input it could be needed to bypass a captcha implementation. Test these things:
  • Do not send the parameter related to the captcha.
    • Change from POST to GET or other HTTP Verbs
    • Change to JSON or from JSON
  • Send the captcha parameter empty.
  • Check if the value of the captcha is in the source code of the page.
  • Check if the value is inside a cookie.
  • Try to use an old captcha value
  • Check if you can use the same captcha value several times with the same or different sessionID.
  • If the captcha consists on a mathematical operation try to automate the calculation.
  • If the captcha consists on read characters from an image, check manually or with code how many images are being used and if only a few images are being used, detect them by MD5.
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