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44818 - Pentesting EthernetIP

Protocol Information

From Wikipedia article on EtherNet/IP

EtherNet/IP was developed in the late 1990s by Rockwell Automation as part of Rockwell's industrial Ethernet networking solutions. Rockwell gave EtherNet/IP its moniker and handed it over to ODVA, which now manages the protocol and assures multi-vendor system interoperability by requiring adherence to established standards whenever new products that utilize the protocol are developed today.

EtherNet/IP is most commonly used in industrial automation control systems, such as for water processing plants, manufacturing facilities and utilities. Several control system vendors have developed programmable automation controllers and I/O capable of communicating via EtherNet/IP.

An EtherNet/IP device is positively identified by querying TCP/44818 with a list Identities Message (0x63). The response messages will determine if it is a EtherNet/IP device and parse the information to enumerate the device. From here

Default port: 44818 UDP/TCP

44818/tcp open EtherNet/IP


nmap -n -sV --script enip-enumerate -p 44818 <IP>