Network Services Pentesting
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This is Carlos Polop.
First of all, I want to indicate that I don't own this entire book, a lot of information was copy/pasted from other websites and that content belongs to them (this is indicated on the pages).
I also wants to say thanks to all the people that share cyber-security related information for free on the Internet. Thanks to them I learn new hacking techniques that then I add to Hacktricks.


  • I've worked in different companies as sysadmin, developer and pentester
  • I'm a Telecommunications Engineer with a Masters in Cybersecurity
  • Relevant certifications: OSCP, OSWE, CRTP, eMAPT, eWPTXv2 and Professional Drone pilot
  • I speak Spanish and English and little of French (some day I will improve that)
  • I'm a CTF player
  • I'm also the developer of PEASS-ngโ€‹
  • And I really enjoy researching, playing CTFs, pentesting and everything related to hacking

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