Welcome to the page where you will find each hacking trick/technique/whatever I have learnt from CTFs, real life apps, reading researches, and news.
Welcome to the page where you will find each hacking trick/technique/whatever I have learnt from CTFs, real life apps, reading researches, and news.
Here you can find a little introduction:
Here you will find the typical flow that you should follow when pentesting one or more machines.
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STM Cyber is a great cybersecurity company whose slogan is HACK THE UNHACKABLE. They perform their own research and develop their own hacking tools to offer several valuable cybersecurity services like pentesting, Red teams and training.
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STM Cyber also support cybersecurity open source projects like HackTricks :)


RootedCON is the most relevant cybersecurity event in Spain and one of the most important in Europe. With the mission of promoting technical knowledge, this congress is a boiling meeting point for technology and cybersecurity professionals in every discipline.


Intigriti is the Europe's #1 ethical hacking and bug bounty platform.
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WebSec is a professional cybersecurity company based in Amsterdam which helps protecting businesses all over the world against the latest cybersecurity threats by providing offensive-security services with a modern approach.
WebSec is an all-in-one security company which means they do it all; Pentesting, Security Audits, Awareness Trainings, Phishing Campagnes, Code Review, Exploit Development, Security Experts Outsourcing and much more.
Another cool thing about WebSec is that unlike the industry average WebSec is very confident in their skills, to such an extent that they guarantee the best quality results, it states on their website "If we can't hack it, You don't pay it!". For more info take a look at their website and blog!
In addition to the above WebSec is also a committed supporter of HackTricks.


Security Skills as a Service platform bridges the current skill set gap by combining global offensive security talent with smart automation, providing real-time data you need to make informed decisions.


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