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GCP - KMS & Secrets Management Enumeration
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Crypto Keys

โ€‹Cloud Key Management Service is a repository for storing cryptographic keys, such as those used to encrypt and decrypt sensitive files. Individual keys are stored in key rings, and granular permissions can be applied at either level.
Having permissions to list the keys this is how you can access them:
# List the global keyrings available
gcloud kms keyrings list --location global
# List the keys inside a keyring
gcloud kms keys list --keyring [KEYRING NAME] --location global
# Decrypt a file using one of your keys
gcloud kms decrypt --ciphertext-file=[INFILE] \
--plaintext-file=[OUTFILE] \
--key [KEY] \
--keyring [KEYRING] \
--location global

Secrets Management

Google Secrets Management is a vault-like solution for storing passwords, API keys, certificates, and other sensitive data. As of this writing, it is currently in beta.
# First, list the entries
gcloud beta secrets list
# Then, pull the clear-text of any secret
gcloud beta secrets versions access 1 --secret="[SECRET NAME]"
Note that changing a secret entry will create a new version, so it's worth changing the 1 in the command above to a 2 and so on.


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