Industrial Control Systems Hacking

About this Section

This section contains all about Industrial Control Systems including concepts as well as methodologies to hack them with various security issues that persists in them.

Industrial Control Systems are everywhere, since industries are vital for economic development of a nation. But these ICS are hard to update and lesser advancements are made in this field. Hence, finding security flaws is common here. Most of the protocols and standards used here where developed back in the 90's and have much lesser capabilities as compared to current attack scenarios.

It has become important to secure these systems since damaging them can cost a lot and even lives at the worst case. To understand Industrial Contol Systems security, knowing the internals of them is necessary.

Since Industrial Control Systems are installed following set standards, knowing each components would help in interconnecting every other mechanisms in the control system. Installation of these devices like PLCs and SCADA systems is different is various industries, hence information gathering is critical.

Industrial Control Systems can be complicated at times and hence require a lot of patience to do anything. It's all about probing and reconnaissance before planning attacks and developing any exploits.

These techniques can also be used to protect against attacks and blue teaming for industrial control systems.

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