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24007,24008,24009,49152 - Pentesting GlusterFS

Basic Information

GlusterFS is a distributed, arbitrarily scalable file system that aggregates storage components from several servers into one, uniform file system.
Default ports: 24007/tcp/udp, 24008/tcp/udp, 49152/tcp (onwards) For the port 49152, ports incremented by 1 need to be open to use more bricks. Previously the port 24009 was used instead of 49152.
24007/tcp open rpcbind
49152/tcp open ssl/unknown


To interact with this filesystem you need to install the GlusterFS client (sudo apt-get install glusterfs-cli).
To list and mount the available volumes you can use:
sudo gluster --remote-host= volume list
# This will return the name of the volumes
sudo mount -t glusterfs<vol_name> /mnt/
If you receive an error trying to mount the filesystem, you can check the logs in /var/log/glusterfs/
Errors mentioning certificates can be fixed by stealing the files (if you have access to the system):
  • /etc/ssl/glusterfs.ca
  • /etc/ssl/glusterfs.key
  • /etc/ssl/glusterfs.ca.pem
And storing them in your machine /etc/ssl or /usr/lib/ssl directory (if a different directory is used check for lines similar to: "could not load our cert at /usr/lib/ssl/glusterfs.pem" in the logs) .