pip3 install pwntools

Pwn asm

Get opcodes from line or file.
pwn asm "jmp esp"
pwn asm -i <filepath>
Can select:
  • output type (raw,hex,string,elf)
  • output file context (16,32,64,linux,windows...)
  • avoid bytes (new lines, null, a list)
  • select encoder debug shellcode using gdb run the output

Pwn checksec

Checksec script
pwn checksec <executable>

Pwn constgrep

Pwn cyclic

Get a pattern
pwn cyclic 3000
pwn cyclic -l faad
Can select:
  • The used alphabet (lowercase chars by default)
  • Length of uniq pattern (default 4)
  • context (16,32,64,linux,windows...)
  • Take the offset (-l)

Pwn debug

Attach GDB to a process
pwn debug --exec /bin/bash
pwn debug --pid 1234
pwn debug --process bash
Can select:
  • By executable, by name or by pid context (16,32,64,linux,windows...)
  • gdbscript to execute
  • sysrootpath

Pwn disablenx

Disable nx of a binary
pwn disablenx <filepath>

Pwn disasm

Disas hex opcodes
pwn disasm ffe4
Can select:
  • context (16,32,64,linux,windows...)
  • base addres
  • color(default)/no color

Pwn elfdiff

Print differences between 2 fiels
pwn elfdiff <file1> <file2>

Pwn hex

Get hexadecimal representation
pwn hex hola #Get hex of "hola" ascii

Pwn phd

Get hexdump
pwn phd <file>
Can select:
  • Number of bytes to show
  • Number of bytes per line highlight byte
  • Skip bytes at beginning

Pwn pwnstrip

Pwn scrable

Pwn shellcraft

Get shellcodes
pwn shellcraft -l #List shellcodes
pwn shellcraft -l amd #Shellcode with amd in the name
pwn shellcraft -f hex #Create in C and run
pwn shellcraft -r #Run to test. Get shell
pwn shellcraft .r amd64.linux.bindsh 9095 #Bind SH to port
Can select:
  • shellcode and arguments for the shellcode
  • Out file
  • output format
  • debug (attach dbg to shellcode)
  • before (debug trap before code)
  • after
  • avoid using opcodes (default: not null and new line)
  • Run the shellcode
  • Color/no color
  • list syscalls
  • list possible shellcodes
  • Generate ELF as a shared library

Pwn template

Get a python template
pwn template
Can select: host, port, user, pass, path and quiet

Pwn unhex

From hex to string
pwn unhex 686f6c61

Pwn update

To update pwntools
pwn update