SeatbeltNet3.5x64.exe all
SeatbeltNet3.5x64.exe all full #Without filtering
I really like the performed filtering.


This tool is more gathering-info oriented than privesc, but it has some pretty nice checks and looks for some passwords.
SeatBelt.exe system collects the following system data:
BasicOSInfo - Basic OS info (i.e. architecture, OS version, etc.)
RebootSchedule - Reboot schedule (last 15 days) based on event IDs 12 and 13
TokenGroupPrivs - Current process/token privileges (e.g. SeDebugPrivilege/etc.)
UACSystemPolicies - UAC system policies via the registry
PowerShellSettings - PowerShell versions and security settings
AuditSettings - Audit settings via the registry
WEFSettings - Windows Event Forwarding (WEF) settings via the registry
LSASettings - LSA settings (including auth packages)
UserEnvVariables - Current user environment variables
SystemEnvVariables - Current system environment variables
UserFolders - Folders in C:\Users\
NonstandardServices - Services with file info company names that don't contain 'Microsoft'
InternetSettings - Internet settings including proxy configs
LapsSettings - LAPS settings, if installed
LocalGroupMembers - Members of local admins, RDP, and DCOM
MappedDrives - Mapped drives
RDPSessions - Current incoming RDP sessions
WMIMappedDrives - Mapped drives via WMI
NetworkShares - Network shares
FirewallRules - Deny firewall rules, "full" dumps all
AntiVirusWMI - Registered antivirus (via WMI)
InterestingProcesses - "Interesting" processes- defensive products and admin tools
RegistryAutoRuns - Registry autoruns
RegistryAutoLogon - Registry autologon information
DNSCache - DNS cache entries (via WMI)
ARPTable - Lists the current ARP table and adapter information (equivalent to arp -a)
AllTcpConnections - Lists current TCP connections and associated processes
AllUdpConnections - Lists current UDP connections and associated processes
NonstandardProcesses - Running processeswith file info company names that don't contain 'Microsoft'
* If the user is in high integrity, the following additional actions are run:
SysmonConfig - Sysmon configuration from the registry
SeatBelt.exe user collects the following user data:
SavedRDPConnections - Saved RDP connections
TriageIE - Internet Explorer bookmarks and history (last 7 days)
DumpVault - Dump saved credentials in Windows Vault (i.e. logins from Internet Explorer and Edge), from SharpWeb
RecentRunCommands - Recent "run" commands
PuttySessions - Interesting settings from any saved Putty configurations
PuttySSHHostKeys - Saved putty SSH host keys
CloudCreds - AWS/Google/Azure cloud credential files (SharpCloud)
RecentFiles - Parsed "recent files" shortcuts (last 7 days)
MasterKeys - List DPAPI master keys
CredFiles - List Windows credential DPAPI blobs
RDCManFiles - List Windows Remote Desktop Connection Manager settings files
* If the user is in high integrity, this data is collected for ALL users instead of just the current user
Non-default collection options:
CurrentDomainGroups - The current user's local and domain groups
Patches - Installed patches via WMI (takes a bit on some systems)
LogonSessions - User logon session data
KerberosTGTData - ALL TEH TGTZ!
InterestingFiles - "Interesting" files matching various patterns in the user's folder
IETabs - Open Internet Explorer tabs
TriageChrome - Chrome bookmarks and history
TriageFirefox - Firefox history (no bookmarks)
RecycleBin - Items in the Recycle Bin deleted in the last 30 days - only works from a user context!
4624Events - 4624 logon events from the security event log
4648Events - 4648 explicit logon events from the security event log
KerberosTickets - List Kerberos tickets. If elevated, grouped by all logon sessions.